What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural occurring state of mind. We go into a hypnotic state many times during the day. This can happen when you are driving, reading a book, watching TV, day dreaming and just before you go to sleep.

When undergoing hypnotherapy you are always aware and will know what is being said to you at all times. However when in a heightened state of relaxation the subconscious is more open to suggestions for change.

The state of hypnosis occurs when awareness moves from the conscious to the subconscious part of the mind. The subconscious part of the mind works to regulate our breathing, body temperature and many other things automatically and without us needing to provide instruction. It also naturally generates and retains our thoughts and associated feelings.

Our brains develop programmes that are formed in the neural pathways and these programmes enable us to undertake activities on automatic pilot so that our frontal cortex is freed up to think.  Sometimes these programmes although may have been useful when designed can actually become outdated and harmful to us and have a negative effect on our day to day happiness. We humans tend to be creatures of habit and we can continue with behaviours that we would not choose on a conscious level but we do it because it is what we have always done.  Hypnotherapy enables changes to occur in the mind to help heal physical as well as emotional challenges. It can help uncover the underlying emotional and psychological causes to many ailments. Hypnotherapy differs from hypnosis in that there is more interaction between the client and therapist, allowing the client to discover more about the emotional background to his or her current problems.

There is significant proof that our minds and bodies work together, when one is under stress, the other suffers. We have all experienced it – turning red when embarrassed,  having a racing heart when anxious, not thinking straight when under in the fight of flight response. These are just small instances of the way in which our minds can affect our bodies. Medical literature is now full of studies confirming that many diseases are psycho-somatic (caused in the mind) or stress-related. Some doctors have estimated that as many as 75% of modern disorders are actually induced through stress. Fortunately the power of the mind has also been shown to be a primary factor in healing many diseases, even cancer. It is therefore important in any physical or emotional health problem not to overlook hypnotherapy on the road back to health.


Many people have witnessed stage hypnotist who often have individuals performing things that would not do when concious; this discourages people from getting help from a hypnotherapist as they are fearful that it will make tell the therapist all of their secrets and have their minds controlled.   The fact is, if you do not want to follow an instruction your subconscious will reject it.

When under hypnosis you are not under the therapists control and will not reveal your innermost secrets. You are aware of what is being said and where you are. Hypnosis is not something imposed on people, but something they do for themselves. A Hypnotherapist simply serves as a facilitator to guide you through the behaviours that you choose to change.

I can help you to make positive changes quickly and permanently, look at the treatments section to see what can be treated with hypnotherapy and if you want to give me a call for a free consultation please do so on 07807671302 or 01482629321.

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