What is Emotional Freedom Technique?

It is a method of tapping meridian points on the body, (sometimes described as acupuncture without needles). It ties together principles of traditional Chinese medicine, neuroscience and cognitive behavioural therapy. Combining tapping with precisely worded affirmations commonly leads to shifts in thought patterns and the relieving of physical tension and unwanted negative emotions.

The system was developed by Gary Craig and he attributes the effect of EFT to balancing energy in the meridians in relation to a specific problem.  When monitoring the effects of EFT on patients through brain scans it has shown that when the meridian points are stimulated the limbic (emotional) parts of the brain are impacted, this includes the amygdala which plays an important part in compulsive and addictive behaviours.

EFT is a therapeutic methodology that enables an individual to literally tap away any unwanted subconscious behaviours.  Gary Craig was treating a lady who had an irrational fear of water; this fear was so extensive that she couldn’t even wash her face in it. He tried several techniques including hypnosis CBT etc. in an attempt to remove this fear, however with very little effect; he then recalled that the theory underpinning acupuncture relies upon the Meridian system. This is a flow of energy that circulates around the human body in a clockwise direction and every time a person has a thought or an emotion the energy from that thought or emotion travels around the system. Within the Meridian system there is a start and an end point for each organ and they can be found at key areas around the face collarbone fingertips etc. He asked his client where the fear was manifesting within her body and she explained that the fear was felt in her stomach. He knew that the Meridian endpoint for the stomach can be found in the cheek (just under the eye). He then proceeded to ask her to describe what the feeling was like in the stomach to give it a colour, to describe what it was like whilst tapping her cheek and to his surprise within a very short space of time there had been a significant shift within her and she actually wanted to get into a swimming pool, however she did not lose her commonsense relating to the danger of water i.e. the possibility of drowning.

Although he had heard of this technique and a link between emotions energy and physical manifestation he was completely surprised at the impact of this process and this led him to investigate the Meridian system and the tapping points in more depth. Initially these investigations led him to develop a fairly complicated system that required muscle testing to establish where the feelings were manifesting within the body, however over time he realised that a simple tapping routine that targeted key organs and their related endpoints seem to have a significant effect in changing behaviour and enabled reframing of the perception within the brain. This realisation has developed into what we now know as EFT and this therapeutic method has been embraced by literally thousands of , psychologists, GP’s, Counsellors and Therapists across the world. The reason so many individuals are adopting this method is because it is extremely effective and very user-friendly. If you Google EFT you will find thousands of reports validating the changing behaviour in people from removing addictions, changing self-perception, turning down pain, releasing negative self-talk, gaining confidence, removing emotional blocks etc. the list is almost endless.  It seems to be highly effective in a large number of people who use this system and I personally have seen even the most diehard skeptics transform before my very eyes.

Jo is a qualified EFT Practitioner and she has undertaken Level 1 & Level 2 with Gwyneth Moss and EFT Master and Trainer.  Gwyneth ia one of only eleven Masters in the UK and 29 worldwide. That means that she has passed a rigorous practical and written exam and is recognised to be at the forefront of the field. She also has a Cambridge Physics degree a Cranfield MBA and certificates in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and the Human Givens approach to Psychotherapy.

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